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Thrips are slender insects approximately 2-3mm long when fully grown. Adults have two pairs of narrow wings that are held along the back when resting. They vary in colour from creamy yellow to black which is dependant upon which species is present.

Thrips feed upon plant cell sap by piercing the plant with their mouthparts, in doing so they cause damage, the plant tissue is prone to dehydration and may appear mottled or flecked and in cases of extreme attack can appear to be scorched.

If the damage is on a part of the plant that is still growing transparent windows of dead tissue may form and leaves and flowers may become deformed.

The thrip life cycle has three stages the larval stage which lasts 10-14 days dependant on temperature, the pupal stage which lasts 4-7 days and the adult stage. An adult female can lay up to 60 eggs over a season which she does on the underside of the leaves



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