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The indoor grow room with its perfect temperature and humidity for plant growth is also an ideal environment for the proliferation of plant pests such as red spider mite, thrips, aphids etc. It is therefore essential that you remain vigilant, looking for the first signs of any infestation and taking appropriate measures if pests are spotted.

Simple precautions may be taken to help prevent infestation in the first place as prevention is always easier than the cure. Some simple steps you can take to help prevent infestation are as follows:

  • Thoroughly clean your growing area and equipment before use, using a specialist grow room cleaning spray and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

  • Change into clean clothing before going into the grow room will prevent you carrying pests from outdoors into your growing area.

  • Have an appropriate mesh filter over air inlets to prevent pests being blown into the growing area with the fresh air intake.

  • Use a quality growing medium from a reputable hydroponic service such as the hydroponicwarehouse.

  • Use fresh growing media for each new crop.

  • Remove dead leaves and other rubbish from around the growing area regularly.

  • Keep pets and children out of the grow room.

  • Inspect your plants regularly for signs of infestation, often signs of damage is easier to spot than the actual pests so pay particular attention to plants that are showing any kind of damage.

  • Use yellow sticky traps to monitor whether any pests are present and give you an early warning to commence pest eradication process.

Please follow the following links for more advice about specific pests: